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Hello, we are DycodeX!

Our Mission

Bringing IoT and AI-powered solutions to life is very challenging. Our mission is all about simplifying that, by developing and delivering real-world products and solutions across the technology horizontal, and multiple industry verticals.

Our Purpose

Today, we're solving real problems by adopting and combining the key technologies in Industry 4.0, which are Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, especially embedded machine learning. 

We believe that converging AI and IoT, hence AIoT, will enable more use cases, deliver more values, and more opportunities.

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Our Story

Since 2014, we foresaw the rate and direction of digital transformation toward Industrial Revolution 4.0, which one of key enabling technologies is Internet of Things (IoT).

In early 2015, we decided to found a startup that was dedicated to pioneering IoT industry in Indonesia, and PT DycodeX Teknologi Indonesia was born officially in April 2015.

We were one of the pioneers and unique players in IoT and embedded machine learning in Indonesia - with global coverage, and have continued to be the leader for the last 6 years.

As pioneer, we had to face a stiff learning curve, yet still managed to develop and release some real-world IoT products across various industry verticals.

We also help other organizations, from startups to enterprises, to adopt IoT and AI into their products and business processes, by providing custom hardware design, tailor-made platforms, and applications.

Our Gallery

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