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Real World Products & Solutions

All solutions are 100% designed, developed, and assembled by us, in-house - in Indonesia - from the hardware, firmware, all the way to the platform and application, end-to-end!

Our real-world solutions span various industry verticals.

HeatraX Logo.png


During COVID-19 pandemic, we’re contributing a solution for screening and tracing, to help combat the virus spreading. We call it, HeatraX.

A smart, feature-rich, customisable, yet affordable
thermal screening & access control solution

Smarternak logo.png


In the spirit to improve farmer’s life by providing platforms and devices to assist farm management, especially in cattle farming, we deploy SMARTernak. To run the farm better, increase yield, and reduce potential loss.

DytraX (Asset Monitoring Platform) - Logo.png


In Asset Tracking, we have DytraX, which enables abundances of use cases such as fleet management, personnel tracking, and recently vaccine cold-chain tracking for

COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

PowtraX Logo - Industrial Power Monitoring.png


In Energy, we have PowtraX,  the smart solution for effective use & appropriate energy consumption in industries. PowtraX tracks energy usage in connected electrical appliances and lets you monitor wirelessly.

X-machina - Logo.png

Industrial IoT

In Industrial IoT (IIoT) we have IoT Transmitter Devices to automatically collect Industrial data parameters that are needed in the industrial process.


Artificial Intelligece

To enhance our IoT solutions, we put AI in the brAIn. Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) enables our solutions to analyze better, learn, and make decisions faster on device.


AI & IoT

We are highly committed and deeply involved in nurturing the IoT ecosystem in Indonesia.

We provide the hardware and learning tools required for makers of all levels of expertise to start making their AIoT projects.


End-to-End IoT Development

We also help other organizations, from startups to enterprises, to adopt IoT and AI into their products and business processes, by providing custom hardware design, tailor-made platforms, and applications.

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