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Industrial IoT

We bring you IoT solutions that suitable to industrial requirements.

Gas Pressure Transmitter


Pressure Transmitter

Monitor your gas/liquid pressure by this low power  IoT transmitter. Powered by LoRa connectivity, self-powered by battery up to 1.5 years lifetime, and also comes with durable enclosure.


Oil Tank Monitoring System

Suitable for your 3 tons oil tank, this device can monitor oil level and temperature remotely.

Oil Tank Monitoring.jpg
Motor Vibration Device_edited.jpg


Motor Vibration Sensor

Know your motor condition before its too late. This device can tell you when to maintenance motor in your industrial machine.


OCR System

No cutting cable nor opening machine needed to implement this OCR system, made your life easier by auto submit your machine status report with this friendly device.

OCR Device_edited.jpg
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