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#BeraksiBersolusi, DycodeX Contribute to Vaccine Distribution in Indonesia

In line with our vision to solve Big Problems with Technologies, without exception the vaccine distribution and quality monitoring, it's our honor and privilege to problems help Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia to solve such problems, especially for vaccines with Ultra-low Temperatures (ULT) requirement, e.g. Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Collaborating with UNDP, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, since 2 weeks ago, we've been deploying IoT-powered vaccine monitoring solutions to 25 health facilities under the Ministry of Health, and already integrated with Indonesia's "Logistics Immunization Monitoring System by Electronic" (SMILE) platform.

The solution allows vaccine & healthcare workers to monitor and maintain vaccine quality - including #COVID19 vaccines - anytime, from anywhere, via #SMILE applications, without the danger of exposure to extremely low temperatures.

It's our mission to "beraksi bersolusi" (act to solve) by deploying real-world solutions to solve real-world problems powered by #IoT and #AI.

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