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SPEKUN, The First Bike Sharing With NB-IoT Technology in Souhteast Asia

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, the first bike sharing with NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) technology in Southeast Asia was launched in Universitas Indonesia (UI), Depok. Spekun – means yellow bike – will be distributed around UI campus. This launching event was a collaboration between Universitas Indonesia, Telkomsel the biggest telco in Indonesia, and also Banopolis the bike-sharing creator. DycodeX has been working together with Banopolis for the past 6 months on this bike-sharing project.

The concept of Bike sharing is a bicycle lending service to the public within a certain time from one point location to another location point. partnered with Telkomsel, DycodeX, and Banopolis to create a smartphone-based bike sharing, accompanied by the provision of a parking pole or dock based on radio frequency identification (RFID). That way, the bike can only be parked on the specific parking dock. In UI area, Spekun is available at three spots: UI station, Pondok Cina station, and UI Main Library.

How This Bike Sharing Works

Spekun has been equipped with a Smartlock device embedded on the bike. This system is compatible with NB-IoT connectivity technology that enables all Spekun to communicate with the operator’s server so that the operator can track the bicycle while knowing the amount of bicycle distribution in all areas. The bike user needs to scan QR code on the front basket by using the Spekun application. The Smartlock will open automatically and the Spekun is ready to use.

Assembling The Brain And The Body

For the last six months, DycodeX team were working on the PCB design and we made three iterations before we finally made some improvements. We designed the printed circuit board (PCB) that became DyTrax, the main brain of NB-IoT Bike Sharing hardware. Instead of one board, we use two boards with DytraX module to make the maintenance easier.

This Dytrax is the brain of NB-IoT Bike Sharing hardware. The Dytrax module’s features are: Processor, NB-IoT connectivity, motion sensor, and power management. Assembled with the Smartlock module, which is the driver that controls the locking mechanism. The boards then connected with the software for backend integration. The NB-IoT technology, which is a type of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network technology, enables devices in Spekun to operate for years without recharging the battery.

We have been working under the radar to implement the technology in various living aspects. We are fortunate to be partnered with u-blox which provided us with the materials needed to develop NB-IoT technology in Indonesia. As one of the first IoT companies in Indonesia, we are determined to enhance the development of IoT technology in the country, especially NB-IoT. This bike-sharing project became a milestone in our long journey to be IoT leader in Asia.

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