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Quicklook: SMARTernak Web Dashboard

SMARTernak reveals its web dashboard to the public eye for the first via a video demo shown at Asia IoT Business Platform. This web dashboard, along with its accompanying apps for iOS and Android, allows cattle farmers to remotely monitor their SMARTernak-integrated cattle from over the Internet.

With the web dashboard, cattle farmers can see which cattle are productive and which need special care or attention. All of this data is transmitted in real-time upon movement and physical changes in cattle. Upon closer look, you may see in-depth data about the cattle displayed in the dashboard. These data are explained as follows.

Main Dashboard Page

The main dashboard functions as the primary hub for insights and recommendations so cattle farmers can act accordingly and maintain cattle productivity. The main dashboard displays events as they happen to the cattle and updates them in real-time. The to-do list tab allows cattle farmers to manually add tasks, or allow the SMARTernak AI to automatically suggest recommended actions.

The data displayed within the main dashboard is displayed as follows:

  • In Heat: Shows the number of cattle in estrus, e.g. receptive period in the sexual cycle.

  • Calving: Shows the number of cattle nearing the time to give birth to a calf.

  • Weight Gain: Shows the number of cattle whose weight is increasing.

  • Active: Shows the number of cattle which engages in physical activities, e.g. moving around

  • Sick: Shows the number of cattle that catches a disease.

  • Lame: Shows the number of cattle that are idle for a certain period of time.

  • Unseen: Shows the number of cattle which has not been sent an update in a certain period of time.

  • Watch List: Shows the number of cattle marked for special attention

Tracking Page

The Tracking Page displays a map with the cattle farm’s coordinate as its center. The cattle farm is restricted within the area in purple; while the pen is in blue. These restrictions are designated with virtual fencing which automatically detects cattle that stray out of bounds, and trigger an alert so cattle farmers can act accordingly.

Cattle Detail Page

The Cattle Detail Page shows readings of scales related to cattle well-being and productivity, as well as battery statuses, such as capacity and voltage. These data are updated regularly upon new activities are detected from the cattle. Information about cattle location and events happening to the cattle is also shown on this page.

In addition to the web version, SMARTernak also has a dashboard in the form of iOS and Android apps, which cattle farmers can access on the go via the Internet.

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