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Story Behind Our Logo

The ‘X’ in our logo is an homage to the infinity sign, which we believe represents our passion for constantly creating, innovating, and iterating our products. We always strive for the best and do not stop until our products are of the highest quality, before innovating and developing new products that will ultimately improve the quality of human lives and the nation.

Every life journey gives its own color. Everything that happens during happens someone's milestone will provide their own experience and learning. That’s what also happen with DycodeX. Many things that have happened over the past years have given many colors in our career journey. of course, these things helped us to become more advanced, more developed, and continue to innovate.

This is what drove us to give a new color to our logo. If initially the DycodeX logo was monochrome color that was solid and firm, over time, more and more colors in the development of this company. So we want to appear more colorful with brighter colors, and affirm our brand to be more easily known by the general public. We think it’s time to freshen up the logo, just like we freshen up our spirit and are ready to work even harder to achieve more.

The various events we’ve been through had gave us the opportunity to meet more people and various new opportunities. Just like every ideas and innovations that we do, we want to become more dynamic and useful for many people. Hopefully in the future, we can do more for the development of the IoT scene in Indonesia, and also advancing the technology of this country.

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