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Initial Deployment SMARTernak in Cianjur, Jawa Barat

We have just successfully deployed SMARTernak at Balai Perbibitan dan Pengembangan Inseminasi Buatan Ternak Sapi Perah* (BPPIBTSP) of West Java government. It’s part of the Digital Village program, which we’re appointed as an official partner for the livestock sector.

The initiative has started since early 2019, and we’re very thankful to all stakeholders that make all possible: West Java government, especially Food and Livestock agency, and our connectivity partner, XL Axiata – Business Solution. For this deployment, we leverage NB-IoT connectivity – provided by XL – for longer battery life.

It’s just an initial deployment, and the massive deployment will begin in early 2020. Wish us luck so that we can contribute to improving cattle farming and farmers’ prosperity.

*The Center of Nursery and Development of Artificial Insemination for Dairy Cattle

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