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IoT Solutions For Livestock Farming

Technological developments have brought many changes in various aspects of life. One of them was a change in the field of livestock farming. In developed countries like in America and Europe, livestock management is already using digital technology that allows farmers to grow their business and create better livestock quality.

While in Indonesia, most farmers still use traditional ways of managing livestock. This is the concern – and challenge – for tech enthusiasts and game changers like DycodeX. In collaboration with the startup Bantuternak, DycodeX is trying to create an IoT solution for livestock farming in Indonesia. In the collaboration, they created a tracker for farm animals. This tracker is able to monitor the movement of cattle through IoT sensors. The sensors will send data to the cloud so that can be accessed by the farmers in real-time. After passing a series of trials in cattle farms in Yogyakarta, DycodeX and Bantuternak were in high hope that this collaboration will deliver an IoT solution that can help the farming industry in Indonesia.

How Cow Tracker Works

Andri Yadi, CEO of DycodeX told Info Komputer magazine in January 2018, “One of the purposes of installing this tool is to save costs and time. Because farmers/breeders do not have to calculate their cattle’s weight manually.” As the first IoT company that tested cow tracker in Indonesia, DycodeX is creating precision agriculture in the country. Currently the cow tracker that has been tested can monitor the cow’s weight. It could also analyze the comfort level of the cows. The sensor monitors the cage condition (such as temperature, humidity, or sunlight and radiation) which then the correlated data is analyzed using machine learning to determine the level of cattle productivity.

Currently, DycodeX is producing thousands of devices for this cattle tracker. All IoT devices and apps are self-produced by DycodeX specifically, with customizations tailored to demands. This is a great start for livestock farming development in Indonesia using IoT solutions. Going forward, DycodeX hopes this solution will not only help the livestock industry in Indonesia but also in other countries.

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